Injury Reports


Old Timer
Jul 7, 2005
I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread dedicated to spider injuries, how they happened and how they were cared for.

In this case, I was doing my weekly bolus picking on my bed. I lifted the cage (forgot the lid), she got spooked and she ran out and landed on the floor on a metal tank lid I had laying out. The result:

She ended up losing a little bit under two milliliters of fluid, most of it milky brown but some of it clearly blue-gray. Hemolymph.

The amount of hemolymph lost was probably half of the amount of milky brown fluid she lost. I'm guessing she lost about half a milliliter of hemolymph.

Here she is to give you an idea of the size.

Materials you should have about:

Cornstarch. Will work for minor injuries

Nu-Skin or other liquid bandage. Preferred method of sealing.

Clear nail polish. Will work in a pinch.

Anyways. As soon as I noticed she was injured, I applied cornstarch to stem bleeding. It worked for a few minutes, but after that hemolymph started gushing from the wound.

As quick as I could, I applied clear nail polish. The bleeding (hemolymphing?) stopped within a few minutes.

After that, I put her into an ICU and am currently following these instructions.

To make the ICU, I put a thin layer of wet toilet paper in the bottom of the container and placed dry toilet paper on top of it.

The container is small, about the same as her legspan.

She was placed in the top of my junk drawer and left in there for 24 hours. She will remain in there (with complete towel changes daily) until Monday.


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Jun 11, 2007
havn't posted here in awhile, but my chaco golden knee passed, thats 2 spiders in a month, like houseplants, if they are small they don't have a chance with me. All my favorites are dying on me. But did find me a nice wolf spider.