In Your Opinion...


Old Timer
Oct 3, 2006
but see, before these other species, (for most people, i know there are people who started on other things that want their two cents in) there was not an interest in any of these other species. w/o the emp, there would not be as many hobbyists in this field as there is. that alone should reserve it a spot on the list.
W/O the emps there'd be a lot less crap filling up the boards.

But even though they are mosts' starter scorpion, they still don't get a spot because they are incredibly boring. I get more enjoyment from my fish tank than those guys.

Don't get me wrong, the genus has some interesting ones, P cavimanus, Scorpio maurus has been reported as active, and all of the heterometrus. It's just P imerator that reminds me of the ford taurus wagon of scorpions.... dull.