In a pinch...


Oct 8, 2016
Last night one of my tarantulas (G. actaeon) was going through a bad molt. It had a poor molt before and with this next one it seems it had to drop some legs to try to get out. I didn't want to do much, so I just snipped some of the excess molt away (the fangs and butt are out, so we should hopefully be good there). Then I noticed where the T was leaking a little hemolymph (some from a leg, one closer to the base of its head). I didn't have any flour or anything to try to help stop the leaks, so instead I crumbled up oats from my oatmeal I use for mealworms and poured it on. So far so good today and it seems the tarantula is pulling through :happy:

What have any of you had to do when in a pinch while trying to help your tarantula(s)?