I'm Back! I Need Some Photos From Ya!!!

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Paul Day

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Sep 8, 2002
Hello people... I'm back again! Aren't you all excited (joke). Explaination is in the Petbugs Cafe, but anyway, I need some pictures from all of you to be used in an up-and-coming website. I need pictures of tarantula enclosure setups of various types, including arboreal enclosures, obligate burrower enclosures, terrestrial enclosures, setups with multiple tarantulas, and pictures of tarantula keeping gear and "spider-rooms". You can send these photos to newintensity@yahoo.com.

I also need from you guys quality pictures of your favorite adult spiders, and with those pictures, I need a short story/description of your experiences with that spider. This is for a section on the website entitled "Arachnid Reviews" which will give people insight on species behaviors before they purchase them. Sort of a buying guide I'm putting together. Also include such information as eating habits, aggression, was it a good display animal, or did it hide all the time? Or any other cleaver stories....

Thanks people! You can send me as many submissions as you want. I am looking forward to publishing them, in what is going to be a major website in the hobby when completed...

Thank you,
Paul Day (Former creator of the largest wolf spider website on the Internet)


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Jul 16, 2002
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