Im back, and I got..


Old Timer
Jan 17, 2003
a nice looking Lasiodora parahybana, about two inches, from Bryan (mmmdonuts)...the T has the attitude i have today "dont mess with me" heh heh..its why i picked that one out of the three Bryan was the only one that "struck a pose" when I was checking them out. Nice to have a "PMS'" T when the mood strikes.
I got to go to the show with NO kids, it was wonderful...didnt have to worry about my daughter grabbin a container and walking away..saying LOOK MOM!!!
NOw, i just may go back in a bit, i resisted the urge to get one of the pinktoes (cant remember the sci. name) AND i just might have to go back and get one, after all. (boyfriend will soon learn NOT to make me grumpy on a day of a show...justification to buybuybuy....;P )