ID this Mantis for me?


Nov 16, 2010
My sister dropped off this beautiful and rather large mantis on my porch, she said she found it and it was highly aggressive...which of course shes not shes a total sweetheart! I think my sis and her boyf were probably messing with the poor thing!
Anyway, I currently have her in a kritter keeper with some coconut husk substrate and a jungle vine for her to climb on, dropped two crix in there for her. I plan to get her a taller container when I can. Any pointers? She seems calm and happy nibbling on the leaves.
Also she looks like she maybe pregnant, her abdomen is very swollen what do you think?
(the first pic is her true colour, the others were taken with my lame phone {D)
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1Lord Of Ants1

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Sep 9, 2010
Does she have eye spots between her forelegs? If not she looks to be either a carolina mantis, or Stagmomantis limbata. Both come in a wide variety of colors. It would help if you can post your location. Also - the correct term would be gravid, not pregnant. Any one month old female mantis is going to be packed with eggs. But since yours is wild-caught, she is most likely fertile. Feed her well and wait till she lays her oothecae. (A single female can lay 10+) Mantids will also lay ooths whether mated or not.

EDIT: My bad, I see you are in California. In that case it's Stagmomantis californica.
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