I thought I was ready!


Jan 12, 2016
I've wondered how that works with freebies. I'm afraid to get an OW as a freebie. I know for a fact that I'm years from wanting one. What am I supposed to do if I get one for free? Does this happen a lot?
This was the first OW freebie. I've gotten two B.albopilosum and a B.kahlenbergi, and a D.pentaloris as freebie before.
Like i said, i'll just keep it and see how it goes for a few molts and rehouses. If it proves too much there are hobbyists around who are always willing to drive a little for a free spider ;) .
Most of the time you'll get a freebie which is in line with the spider you ordered. The OW came with a E.cyanognathus which is temperament and speedwise like each other. But the OW has more potent venom, even though Ephebopus packs a punch for a NW.


Jul 27, 2016
My H. Gigas freebie sling was selling for $20 at the vendor who sent it. So far I never see this T, but do see evidence as those over-sized crickets disappear without fail. Somehow I can imagine this OW speaking in a deep voice in the burrow saying "I want my meal supersized." I wish I had super sized its home, but I wasn't prepared for the surprise arrival. I can see this T demanding a mansion and a swimming pool in its future.