I saved my Gbb sling just in time!!!


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Jan 30, 2010
4 days ago i found that all 4 of my gbb slings had molted. I marked all of them molted on "the tarantula keepers record" software.

Tonight i was rehousing them and found GBB#3 had its legs back sitting upright. It was very strange. Reminded me a bit of satanslittlehelper's M. balfouri. My gut had instantly sank.. Then i noticed it was .25" smaller than my other Ts.

It hadnt molted and the sub was a bit dry :eek: :( I was sure it had been attempting to molt for at least a day.:? but i couldnt be too sure.

Well i figured id put some drops of water on her mouth. The drops were huge and wouldnt separate due to the miniscus. So i put the poor little thing in icu upside down and gave her a good misting then put her in the back of my mini climate control at 87 deg.

I was sure id be looking at her suffer for days. 3 minutes later she is done molting!!! I am so stoked about this!! I was sure she was a gonner.. I was tempted to give her new house to another T.

I figured a little faith is what brought her through tonight. Ive decided on the name Hope!! I hope anyone that has a molt problem doesnt give up and can hold out to give there T the chance it needs to pull through.:rolleyes:



Jul 18, 2010
Congrats on the save. Close call. Weird two of these things happening so close together with different keepers. Anyways once again congrats.


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May 2, 2009
Good going and you have a nice sling collection there.