I pulled a rookie mistake.


Old Timer
Jan 30, 2010
Tonight I was feeding some of my Ts mealworms i had got shipped in today. I was feeding my 4 LP slings 1.5". 3 of them ate and i was waiting for the 4th, "spotly" to eat. Like a newb I had the lid off and I got side tracked feeding other Ts. I look over and he was gone!! I searched methodicaly all the way around the perimeter of my room. I was afraid id never see him again. I was about to give up and put out a water dish for the rest of the night. I look up and wham! In the top corner of the wall i spotted "spotly". What a relief.. I think "He" was trying to get warm I was too relaxed enjoying feeding the other Ts. Next time I will be sure to close the lid before I even look at my other slings.:wall: