I need help with my centipede...


Mar 22, 2003
Ok heres the story I got the viet. centipede and took it out of the delicup the box was warm and I though it was cooked I let it sit in the cup while I went to work and when I got off I came hoem and was lookign at it and hte 2/3 of the back legs started moving responding to touch and I put tin in a tank and am watchign it the back 2/3 of the body is mobile not much but moves when touched but the front part of the pede dosen't move as if it were paralyzed. what is goign on it the pede a lost cause or what can I do this is my first centipede and I can't find anything....please enlighten me....thanks


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Jul 17, 2002
Hi Will,

Welcome to Arachnopets! :D

About your pede, I will try my best here, as I am typing this for Scott (Mrderanged). If the front is paralyzed, it is quite possible that it is a lost cause, unfortunately.

But do not give up all hope yet. Please make sure that there is a water source in the tank. You may even want to spray the substrate right in front of the centipede's head. Not sure what temp you are keeping it at, but you may want to give it a chance to cool down. Do NOT keep it excessively hot.

Is there ANY movement in the front 1/3 of the pede?

Hope that helps some and good luck. :)