I need answers to some questions.

Just Me

Dec 5, 2021
Hello my name is Marcos and I am a brazilian who love inverts in general. I am a bit expert at the hobby but my country doesn't allow the breeding of tarantulas, so I breed some spiders that show up at my home. Despite of having some experience, I still have doubts with a species called Xeropigo tridentiger. I read they are natural from Santa Helena island, but are also very common where I live. I realized that they like damp and dark environments which is where they always appear in my house, so I try to simulate an enclosure similar to their natural habitat.

Due to a mold outbreak in the enclosure, I was forced to remove the eggsac before the mold reached them and killed them all. 30 of the spiderlings that were in the eggsac were born and three died recently. The rest have molted last night and are doing very well.
I modified the spider's enclosure and drilled more holes in the sides and lid to increase ventilation and prevent mold growth, then put her back.

Well, she just hid in a corner of the enclosure and stayed there for several hours, then later she climbed to the top, in the exact position where she made the eggsac earlier and has been in that same place for at least three days straight. Her abdomen was very thin so I fed her a small roach but she is still in the same place.

In short, my question is: what's going on with her? Is she about to lay more eggs or is she waiting for me to open the enclosure so she can escape and try to find her babies?

If someone can answer me, I would be very grateful! To finish this post, I'll put some pictures of her with the eggsac and other without it.