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I miss my tarantula

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by getbornanddie, Aug 1, 2015.

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    I got an avic versi but turned out to be a male so i shipped him off to find a mate
    Now after the few days have past i have to tske down his terrarium and its making me sad...

    i want another!
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  2. Empty terrarium = new spider :D

    Why don't you get another one? Depending on what species you want, depends on what you pay out.

    Julia xx
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  3. Slimdean

    Slimdean Arachnopeon

    Swifts has a nicely priced homeo.. Sp blue . Nice slow grower and pretty :)
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  4. Storm76

    Storm76 Arachnoemperor

    In this hobby...empty enclosure are a no-go! :D
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  5. MrsHaas

    MrsHaas Arachnoangel

    Check the arachnoboards classifieds! You're bound to find something awesome there! Petcenterusa.com Also has amazing prices!
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  6. spiderbesideher

    spiderbesideher Arachnosquire

    Don't think of it as a replacement - think of it as a successor :idea:
  7. pyro fiend

    pyro fiend Arachnoprince

    do you know how i got over sending out a MM gbb? MF GBB ;) think about it ;) no needing to wait for them to grow and all the loving looks you had before he hooked lmao
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