I finally got some Emps!


Mar 25, 2011
Back in March, I made a post asking for advice and pointers on harboring some emperor scorpions. Everyone was extremely helpful and now, two months later, I have finally got my enclosure set up with scorpions inside.


It's a 20 gallon long tank with EcoEarth substrate. The bamboo in the corners are concealing PVC piping, which goes under the substrate and coils across the bottom of the tank. There are holes drilled in the PVC pipes which allows me to pour water in through the top and it slowly moistens the substrate from the bottom up. I'm pretty sure I read about this idea on this forum somewhere, so whoever came up with it, thank you! You can see a very shallow water dish in front of the left bamboo, two small buried half log hides, a pothos plant that I split into two for some greenery and my 150w ceramic heating bulb. To cover the tank, I have a piece of lexan that covers the whole tank except a cut-out to fit around the heating lamp. As a side note, the wooden backing is only there so I could take a picture. The glass background was doing weird things to my phone camera.

I also got a small critter container to store and gut load crickets in. Watching the scorpions eat is a blast!

There are two emperor scorpions inside. Both are females, I hope! I chose the two with the biggest fattest claws in the store.


Right before posting this, I looked inside the rear hide and my scorpion looked really bloated. He was laying there just kicking his legs. He ate earlier today, so I'm wondering if he's going to molt! I sure hope so.

Edit: I can't see my pictures. I'm not sure what the problem is.


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Nov 16, 2009
the set up looks great. congrats on your new scorps. the pics dont show up in the post but the links work.