I dreamed a dream


Nov 14, 2020
Here’s the latest one for y’all that I think would give you a giggle. This was last night’s dream:
Tarantula escapes. Standard dream pattern. But this time, I do some research in the dream and said research establishes that once a captive tarantula is free from its enclosure, it will moult out into a rabbit. Great I think, should be easy enough to find! I go downstairs, my family are throwing a party for my little brother. They’ve got a petting zoo, with about 10 rabbits. There’s loads of his friends there, except they’re all toddlers (he’s 10). Uh oh. What if the odd-one-out rabbit bites a kid? I panic, wondering how on earth I’m going to be able to tell which one it is, until realising I have a mini-map, and the Tarabbit is displayed as a grey circle. I find him, but not before my stepdad, who notices the Tarabbit has zero fur from the tail downwards. Think Siamese. “It’s just that breed of rabbit!” My mum says. Cool. Thanks mum. I’m nervous picking up said rabbit to return it to my room as this is one defensive species, but it lets me. End scene.

Later on I had another dream where there were parasitic alien worms coming out of my pores when I squeezed any blackheads. They had been living inside me and were trying to take over the earth, one human at a time. Every time I put them somewhere to prove it to someone, they disappeared, and everyone thought I was on drugs and didn’t believe me. Each one that came out was more evolved than the last, with additional features like a new sucking mouth shaped like a cone, or additional legs.

Maybe I just need therapy.