Huntsman babies everywhere!


Old Timer
Jun 26, 2007
I've got an orange Huntsman (Thelcticopis modesta) who's been sitting on an ever swelling egg sac for a little over a month. Of course, the little buggers couldn't wait until mid afternoon or so to come bursting out by the hundreds. They did it just before I left for work early this morning. This is my first experience with hundreds of tiny spiderlings and I'm anxious. Will someone who's dealt with this kind of thing help me out? First off, I'm wondering how soon they will start to cannibalize each other, if at all. Also, will the mother cannibalize? Also, any idea of what to do with a pissed off and rather speedy mama while getting these little guys isolated??? I've got nine hours of work ahead of me and I'm trying to wrap my head around getting those guys in their vials when I get home!