how to set up a crickets container for breeding water food and no cannablism and incubation


Old Timer
Aug 30, 2009
Use cricket gel or a shallow water dish with pebbles. Crickets are retarded and die from everything and anything. I once farted near my tub of crickets and they died. True story:rolleyes:.

As long as you provide food they shouldnt cannibalize. Use ground up hard dog food or something like that. Throw in some fruit/ vegetables once and a while.

They dont like moisture but you need damp substrate for them to lay eggs in. You can have a tub with vermiculite as the substrate and a container in there thats fairly low to the ground so they can get in full of damp substrate for the eggs.

They wont breed if the temperatures arent high enough. A heat mat/ lamp works.

They're loud, annoying, escape artists, die easy, stink like hell and I just plain hate them.