How to cb paruroctonus silverstrii?


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Dec 14, 2009
I have been seeing a lot of p.silvestrii around,ANSI got to thinking that I don't think I've ever seen cb babies I decided that I would like to start trying to produce some.however,I have never bred or had a female pop in my care,so I have some questions. hard would it be to successfully breed and produce off spring in captivity? would I go about pairing a species that is not the least bit tolerant of others? long is there gestation period?

How many babies do they typically produce?

Any other help is greatly appreciated.I really want to get these guys in the hobby,as they are a pretty cool scorpion.thanks for any help or advice in advance!


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Apr 8, 2009
1. It shouldn't be too hard if you know it's wild conditions. Emulate them with narrower parameters. Ie. If it's temps range from freezing to 100* normally, I would keep it between 50* and 85*, considering it doesn't have as deep and ground insulated burrows.

If it's humidity range is between 30rh and 80rh, I would try to keep it around 45rh-65rh. Again because you can't match all of it's wild habitat indoors.

2. I would introduce the M to the F cage, by using a deli cup. After letting the Male out, Stand watch with deli cup at the ready. If it does it's mating grab/dance, then watch and wait for it to end and then remove. If there is aggression, put the deli cup over one separating them, then remove. If there is aggression, try a different M if you have one. If not, reintroduce the M in a week or two after fattening her up a bit.

3 and 4 ??

Good Luck!