How Often to Feed Possibly Gravid B. vagans??


Old Timer
Jun 18, 2003
Being as my female vagans was just bred last week and assuming all went well and that a molt isn't impending (she's eating like a horse right now), I'm wondering how much and how often I should feed her while the possibility exists that she is gravid?

Yesterday, I fed her 4 large crickets. Today I fed her 2 smaller crickets (I ran out of so-called 5-weekers which seemed smallish).
I think she would have liked to have a few more. Should I continue feeding her heavily or should I go back to my usual 1 or 2 large crickets a week? (She's always been on the thin side since I acquired her so i made us think she was a male at first. I already see her fattening up, especially over these last few days). She's
one of my few Brachy's who will even take an occasional pinky and she eats more than any of of my other Brachys will eat. (If I
didn't already know better, I'd think she was related to Predator, my A. geniculata judging by how much they both LOVE to eat!!!




Old Timer
Mar 17, 2003
I would feed her more than 1-2 crickets per week, but slow down some compared to the last couple of days. You should fatten her up some, because you probably won't want to feed her much if she puts down an eggsack. Once they put down a sac, you want to disturb them as little as possible. Having crickets in her inclosure while she has the sac may stress her out and cause her to destroy the eggsack.

Hope this helps.