How long intill adult colors?

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Feb 14, 2011
I have a A. versi sling that LOVES to eat. This thing would probably eat 4 crickets a day if I let her. (Shes done that before, numerus times) She is molting once a month, and I have had her for 2 months (aprox). I purchased her when she was almost an inch in LS. When I got her the cup I brought her home in had a brownish molt in it. Could that have been her molt from 1st to 2nd instar? Or is one inch too little for first instar? If the molt I found was her 1st to second, then she is in her 4th instar, right?

How long intill she has her adult colors?
How long intill she can be sexed?
How long will it take her to get full grown?

She is kept at about 80 degrees and fed roughly everyother day.


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Apr 16, 2006
The first three instars are usually pretty big, & after the third is when most people stop referring to them with that :) The sizes at each stage depend on the species & individual.

And your three main questions depend on the individual. There isn't a set "time" for tarantulas. Some molt faster, some molt slower, many species go through molts pretty quickly through the early molts then slow down.

And sexing depends. If you know someone with a microscope, they can sex molts from pretty small slings. Otherwise you just have to wait until they reach the size where you can see things :)


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Aug 27, 2009
They grow fairly fast...ive had a male mature in a year...a total of 9 molts

...when they start to show their reds/purples (say, 5th-6thinstar, approximatly), they can be ventraly sexed fairly easy, aswell as by molt...if you can manage to extract the molt while it fresh, and in decent shape.