how long approx until 1st sperm web after mature moult?


Oct 2, 2010
so iv had my mm geniculata for a week now. The previous owner says he had the mature moult roughly a week prior to me buying him. I have not witnessed a sperm web from him, nor are there any reminants to suggest one has been created recently. I thought, he may have made 1 while with the previous owner, so i 'sort of' did a semi-intro to the female just now. Took both the enclosure lids off and coaxed the male half into hers. She started drumming really loudly! But he just sat there. He did the odd slight twitch and mediocre drumming but then just went back into his enclosure and sat there, so i left it at that. She's still drumming now. Im guessing either, he hasnt created sperm web yet, or i have been sold a spent male (hard to tell visually before buying) iv bought infertile, o.b.t and subfusca (lowland) without knowing and they were my only breeding projects (apart from the mm striata who, is not infertile, just hopelessly bad at the act and doesnt know how to insert :wall:) hoping he makes a sperm web soon or it will be another disappointment. I still love them even tho they are infertile males, some people get rid of them if they dont suit their breeding needs, at least i know they are cared for properly if i keep them.