How I set my leopard geckos up


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Dec 14, 2009
This is a thread for pdneff,as I am having trouble sending pictures via email.I figured maybe everyone else would be intrested in seeing some of my beautiful geckos I produced and have.

This is how i setup my big male I don't breed anymore as he has some trouble shedding,which has been passed on to one of his offspring and almost costed the poor baby it's life.It's a 38qt Rubbermaid tub.I have sani-chips for substrate,which is aspen chips,not shreds.He has 2 hides(a hot one and a cool one),and a food and water dish.

here's the lid that I drilled holes in for ventilation:

Here's how I setup my breeders.This is a Reverse stripe raptor male.My absolute favorite morph!just have paper towels as a substrate,which is the very safest.

Here is the setup the Mack Snow male you will be getting dwells in:

Cute little bugger!

And here's the High Yellow male you will also be getting,and his humble adobe: