How do I sex my adult T.blondi?


Mar 25, 2003
I was hoping that one of you would know how to correctly identify the sex of an adult T.blondi without a molt? I have heard that you can tell by the abdomen if you know what to look for. Is this true? Hope you can help me out. Thanks :) :?


Old Timer
May 6, 2003
since i cannot be of any relevant, factual help...i will add a bit of humor.

how do you sex your T. blondi...?

...very carefully. :D

good luck. i know you can look at the sexual organs and tell but i'm not positive HOW it's done. here's a good site however, hope this link helps:


Old Timer
Nov 10, 2002
If you have an adult male you should first try coaxing the T to the side of the enclosure and you should be able to see his palpal bulbs. They will be on the underside of the pedipalps and the end of the pedipalp will have a rounded boxer glove look. If you have a fresh molt you can moisten the abdomen and very carefully once the molt is moist spread open the remaining abdomen exo. Inside you will notice the interior of the book lungs and in between the set of lungs closest to the carapace you will see an opening like a pouch if it is a female and a tight cluster of hairs if it is a male. If you do not have a fresh molt you may want to wait for one but only if you dare, you can temporarily slow the T. blondis metabolism by placing it in the fridge for 30-45 minutes. I wouldn't really recommend the second method only for sexing but more for mites or other spidey afflictions. You can do this for sexing but it does stress the T quite a bit and they warm up quicker than you think. We only do this for "medical" attention.