How do I rank up?


Oct 6, 2016
If I'm going to eventually buy a tarantula from the Classifieds, I need to not be an Arachnopeon apparently. How do I rank up?


Apr 29, 2015
You only need to become an active member and maintain that status to post a for sale/trade/wanted add. You don't have to do anything to purchase, just PM the seller about what you want to buy. Unlike other forums, on AB no one is allowed to post in a classified add but the original poster


Old Timer
Jun 27, 2010
So i have to create a Review section for people to review me? I don't even sell tarantulas.
The people who want to POST an ad in the classifieds need to create a review section. That way, anyone who buys from them is able to review the transaction to let other potential buyers know whether the transaction went smoothly or not.

While you could post a "wanted" ad in the classifieds, there are plenty of sellers who are already listing a vast assortment of tarantulas for sale. Unless you're looking for something specific (and hard to find) there's no real need for you to post a "wanted" ad. Just scan through the sellers' listings, read their reviews to get a feel for what they're like to deal with, and when you find something you are interested in, send them a PM. You can do that as an Arachnopeon with no review items under your belt.

If you want to be able to post ads in the classifieds, you can either purchase a paid membership OR post at least 15 messages to informational forums every 45 days to achieve Active Member status. (Tarantula Chat doesn't count.) Ranking up from Arachnopeon to Arachnosquire and higher is also participation-based. Participate in discussions and eventually you will move up.