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House of Pets in G.C., MI


Old Timer
Mar 10, 2007
I shopped frequently at the pet store in Garden City, MI., named House Of Pets. It is supposed to be a place for exotics. I bought everything there and never had a problem until I bought a tarantula! They knew nothing of the species names...I asked for a chilean rose and they said they didnt carry those- only I found them listed rosies. And the Redknee I bought, they didnt sex for me....they sold me a bunch of stuff (heat lamps, rocks, pads, etc)that isnt needed for this species...only for reptiles, lol. I will not buy tarantulas off them no more...but I will still buy my other things from them.


Old Timer
Mar 8, 2008
I went in there the other day to look for clawed frogs; I saw what they called a "rosehair" that even I, with absolutely no experience with T's, could identify as a pinktoe.
They're pretty good for herps and "true exotics", maybe saltwater too, but not much else.