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Hottentotta polystictus (unsure ID)

G. Carnell

Old Timer
Oct 27, 2003
i was stung by a SECOND INSTAR!!!
they are about 7mm long, so i was handling it, trying to get it into a film pot to send it to someone, and BAM BAM BAM the little bastard got me, originally it was more surprise than pain, but after 0.1 or so seconds it hit me harder than my H.spinifer or B.jacksoni ADULT stings.

needless to say, Hottentotta are damned potent

the pain spread up my arm for a few minutes, then dissapeared, but has remained in my index finger for the past hour
originally the pain was an intense throbbing pain, and as time went on the gap between throbs increased (=less pain)


Old Timer
Apr 1, 2004
I got stung last night by a juvenile hottentotta species while feeding. they are 4-5 instars. I got hit on the top of my pinky finger just above the nail. Pain was immediate and increased steadily till my finger was throbbing like in the cartoons. kind of felt like a large thorn was being constantly jammed into my finger. I did not notice it travel up my arm, but I did notice sharp pains in my right side and chest that were far away from the sting site, the only thing I can relate it to is if you are getting a tattoo in one place like your leg, and then you feel pains in the back of your neck too. This stabbing pain lasted a whole lot longer than I thought it would as well, more than an hour. today it is not hurting but still sore when touched and there is a small welt where the sting happened.


Old Timer
Feb 24, 2004
i got hottentotta'ed to

i just got stung by a 2-3rd instar hottentotta speciesin the right thumb
man it hurts quite a bit its burning with shooting pains up to my shoulder
with throbing pains it realy is not super bad like it would be if it
was a parabuthus or androctonus species but not to play with
i got stung cleaning there cups and i didnt see this one in the little
grove in the cork bark piece i have in with it and my thumb went right
on top of it and it felt like i got stung by a wasp and i looked down at my hand and there it the little guy tail way up and ready to get me again
so bascialy i say do not get stung by any scorpion and surely not
a hottentota it will shock you how powerfull these guys are also like darrells sting mine has a welt as well man it hurt
for being so small of a scorpion..

i got hottentotta'ed

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