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Hottentotta hottentotta


Old Timer
Sep 12, 2004
Well I suppose this was my own stupid fault, but I was cleaning out some of my cups and I noticed a half eaten cricket in my Hottentotta hottentotta cup. Now, I keep Androctonus, Leirius, and Tityus so I obviously have a pair of 10" tweezers around. I couldn't find those at the time and I have never had any trouble from this 4I Hottentotta hottentotta so I put my fingers in to grab the cricket and BAM. Little guy flipped his lid and tagged my right by my nail on my pointer finger. When he got me it was probably the equivilant of having my finger slammed in a car door with the next 3 hours having the sensation of a hot nail being jabbed into my finger over and over. At the 3 hour mark my hand got the pins and needles feeling and went a little numb but that was it! After which, I had a little red area and that's all folks! Stupid I know, I obviously never would of put my fingers in there with any of the Androctonus, Leirius, or Tityus though.


Nov 25, 2007
Hottentota Hottentota

got a 3i hottentota... i usually clean up his house around once every two weeks.. when cleaning, i just let him crawl up my arm.. this incident happened about a month ago... same thing...doing the regular stuff...

this time, he fell off my arm and landed on the edge of my table... i was about to pick him up when he stung me... the sting was in me for a good 5-7secs. (he got me at the tip of my ring finger) wow! i thought that little kid wont hurt but bam!!! about 10secs after, the pain was killing me!!! my mouth got all dried up and my whole arm was killing me.. id rather be hit by a boxer! the pain was all the way up my shoulder!

the pain lasted for about half an hour... after, i still get pin-like stinging feeling around the area of the sting... and that's my story.

and oh, after the sting, i didnt see my little hottentota anymore.. i guess the little guy is having a great time around our garden. :wall: