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hottentotta hottentotta 8i?

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by rd_07, Jun 1, 2009.

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    just want to know
    has anyone got a hottentotta hottentotta reach 8i?
    am just curiuos or a bit confused
    well i got bunch of them but one of the 7instar (thats what the seller told me) already gave birth, but one of them this very special one(same size of the one that popped) that i thought gravid also and expecting to pop very soon... unexpectedly she molted.
    now she is almost the size of my 8i centruroides
    thickness and size of tail almost of a 6i p.trans...

    i thought they wont be able to reach 8i since even 6i give birth..:rolleyes:

    will post the pic shortly
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2009
  2. Aztek

    Aztek Arachnoprince

    MAybe you got a mix of different instars...
  3. here is the pic

  4. tabor

    tabor Arachnoprince Old Timer

    i have kept literally hundreds, and i will have to check my records, but im pretty sure 6th instar is when they hit maturity.

    even if not this specific species i have never heard of an 8th instar scorpion.

    also, no centruroides i know of reaches 8th instar, so something is messed up.
  5. there is :D
    that one on the pic
    i raised them,watched them being born and grow
    currently have 5 female 7instars of that species 2 of them are in premolt to 8i:)
  6. Nungunugu

    Nungunugu Arachnosquire

    There definitely are 8instar scorpions. Like a lot of Parabuthus females (transvaalicus, villosus), or some Androctonus females.
    And also some of the big Centruroides can get to I8. But yeah Centruroides mostly only do 6-7 Molts.
  7. tabor

    tabor Arachnoprince Old Timer

    yeah sorry for that, i've been working a ton with centruroides lately and that is what my brain was on.

    i meant hottentotta scorpions, i have never seen an 8th instar hottentotta. let me whip out my research books and check, one of them has the instars at which the reach maturity.


    my $300 book i should add lol, in the last two years i have probably spent more on books than scorps!
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2009
  8. tabor

    tabor Arachnoprince Old Timer

    ok, the average time molts to maturity for buthids (centruroidies, and parabuthus fall in this family) is 5.1 +/- . 7 which is equal to 4-7 molts.

    The only hard data I have for hottentotta is 6 molts to maturity for males, 7 for females. that is for H. minax. As far as I can see the most likely scorps to go about 7 molts are Diplocentridae.

    Also worthy of note, is no Centruroides goes beyond 6 molts to maturity.

    Sadly there is no info in THIS book about Parabuthus, but i will find some. :)
  9. tabor

    tabor Arachnoprince Old Timer

    for most parabuthus males mature at 6th instar while the females mature at 7th instar. I know that is %100 true for P. transvaalicus.

    Maybe you are counting your instars differently than we do?
  10. jme

    jme Arachnobaron

    what is that little red bug in with the one scorp ?
  11. Nungunugu

    Nungunugu Arachnosquire

    When they are born --> 1.instar
    Each molt counts one instar. Can you count differently? I raised transvaalicus and villosus to adulthood and both of them were 8.instar. But as far as I know there are also some females which reach maturity in 7.instar.
  12. tabor

    tabor Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Man, im sorry, but im looking at Viktor Fet's and gary Polis's book, and they have P. trans in there and say they never get about 7i. Considering these books are basically the Bible of scorpion keeping i'm going to have to respectfully disagree.

    Are you sure of their ID?

    what species are the centruroides anyways?

    I'm not calling you a liar I am just telling you what has been scientifically proven and published. You might have some different species on your hands though!

    (but just for the record, there is NO WAY a centruroides would reach 8i, if so I would crap my pants lol)
  13. i have the centruroides margaritatus bicolor morph
    i'll look for the previous exoskeletons :D
  14. b.lateralis :)
  15. here is my 8instar female
    she died while delivering the 2nd clutch


    mating pics
  16. Skywalker

    Skywalker Arachnopeon

    I (and probably other keepers of Parabuthus spp. too) can tell you from my own experience that e.g. most P. transvaalicus males mature at 7. instar and females at 8. instar. There are a few very small specimen which molt to adulthood one instar earlier but those are an exception. I don't think that Fet or Polis have spent much time on breeding and raising slow growing arid scorpion species. It's too time consuming. There are "better" (i.e. humid) species to observe birthing behavior, growth factors, etc in scorpions generally. IMO it's okay to doubt and improve what they have written down years ago and add our own experience.
  17. tabor

    tabor Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Yeah I talk to Fet regularly, he said he almost never deals with live scorpions, mostly dead ones in jars, so how they would get the instars right on something like that would be questionable.

    Good point Skywalker :clap:
  18. tabor

    tabor Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Man i never though I might believe in an 8th instar Centruroides, I mean, I have bred tons of different species of that genus, including limbatus, and cant recall any of mine reaching 8i. :eek:
  19. i tried powerfeeding one it reached 8i
    then started to refuse food...
    he only takes 1 small roach now every 2weeks;)
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