Hottentotta franzwerneri care?


May 27, 2018
I was just wondering what's the care like on these? I was thinking of maybe ordering some and was wondering about what's the care like on these. I know they have strong venom and I'm not stupid like I've seen some people on youtube picking up hot scorpions, I would never do that. I was looking for basic care like what substrate to keep them, what temperature and stuff like should I get a female or a male?


Jun 9, 2019
Like all other hottentotta sp, they like 90-100 F temps but 75-90 F can also work
Dry substrate - Sand will work fine. You can also use sand mixed with aquarium gravel, dry coco, peat, or dirt

For larger/adult specimens provide a small water dish
For smaller juveniles/slings spraying water in a corner once a week is good
Depending on your region's average humidity, it might be better to use small water dishes instead of spraying for
juveniles/slings to avoid mycosis (Ex. Small tattoo ink caps or cut pen caps)
Just beware of you large/deep your water dishes are as scorpions are prone to drowning

A piece of cork works well for a hide, or you can use small slate stacking stones once they are bigger.
I'd suggest pre-building the hide with the stones then hot gluing them together to prevent any collapses.