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Hotentotta trilineatus


Aug 29, 2013
A female H trilineatus tagged me on the shoulder. I was showing one of my friends me handling her. As I tried to get her back in a deli cup, she made her way up to my shirt sleeve. I got kinda freaked out and told my friend to get a piece of paper and slide it under her while I had the deli cup over her so she couldnt get to my face (she was close!) When he slid it under, she tried to sting it, went straight through the paper and my shirt. She was maybe 2" at the time. I did not get any medical attention. Just tried to relax my arm and resist from massaging the sting. Ice pack worked well for a short time. I had pain from my upper neck, my whole arm and hand, and all the way down to my waist on the right side of my body. Horrible throbbing pain for a total of five hours.

edit: on a scale from 1-10 (5 being a wasp sting) id say this was a 9. Could have been much worse.


Jul 15, 2013
I got tagged by an adult male H. Trilineatus a few years back and I got to tell you it was almost as unbearable as a brown recluse bite( minus the necrosis ) I got hit right on the side of my hand while taking a small water bowl out when he ran over and latched on to the water bowl and swung around it to tag me !
The pain at first was a 4/10 but within a half hour I had horrible shooting pains all the way up my arm into my armpit. This accompanied by vomiting/ diarrhea sweating and raised blood pressure for 2 days I have to mention I am allergic to bees and that in most cases I'm more prone to reactions I've intentionally got stung by a few milder species to see what the effects would be and they were all with little or no reaction ( V spinigerus ,P imperator ) but in no way did I test this hottentotta - he tested me !!!!
I have a higher respect for this and many other more venomous species as I now know I'd never want hit by another !