Hot and Bothered Females


Old Timer
Oct 23, 2007
So typically when I mate most of my dwarf social species (Holothele spp., Heterothele spp.) the male tends to initiate mating. I usually do not see this happen in the large colony tanks, but I tend to keep one or two large females separate just in case and see the courtship ritual often.

Well needless to say I added a male to the enclosure vase of a large adult female Heterothele villosella that produced two eggsacs for me last year.

Instead of the male beginning to tap and dance for her, she emerged from her burrow tapping like a horrible epileptic Shirley Temple dance routine on crack. In fact she was so wild in her routine that she danced up a storm that frightened the male so horribly he wouldn't do the deed. She tapped her way around the entire enclosure following him about for well over an hour. He continued to run, she continued to dance. Run. Dance. Run. Dance. Would she ever get the hint?

Anyway, morning came over 6 hours later and she was still tapping every few seconds by the entrance of her burrow. Talk about desperate.

Has anyone else had overly aggressive, randy females that just won't stop? I've seen this with males, but never with a female that was so eager she exhausted the male into submission.


Old Timer
Mar 25, 2007
Yes, i have a 10" ornata female who does this, and she have both given me acks, and eaten 3 males along the way;-)