Holy Moly!!


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Sep 5, 2016
So I picked up two little slings couple weeks ago.B.smithi and LP.Maybe half inch,and that's streaching it.Put them in their deli cups,substrate,and a little sphagnum moss wetted down for moisture.
So ive feed them crickets almost as big as they are.Prekilled.
I put the crickets in at night just before dark.Go to work ,come home 24 hours later and no cricket remains.Gone.Are you kidding ME!!!.
Those little bit-o-spider,s ate that thing!!!No wonder all of you are in awe of these animals!
Just been at it a few months,but I am in amazement of T.s
So to all new T keepers,enjoy this journey,and come here often and ask these great people any questions you have.Very cool hobby!!!
Ok shut up now.:rolleyes: