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Holothele incei


Old Timer
Nov 17, 2005
2 days ago i was removing some foodremains from my H. incei communal setup (5 slings, about 1") when one of the little buggers dedided to bolt out of the enclosure, onto the table. Of course i did not want it to fall off, so i let t run onto my hand. (ofcourse I didn't have a catchcup handy... :rolleyes: ) It then decided to bolt into my sleeve! I quickly made sure it couldn't get far, but as soon it couldn't go any further it tagged me on the underside of my right forearm!

It was a very quick bite, felt like a little pinprick. Just one fang penetrated my skin. After a few minutes I got a very mild, barely noticable burning and itching sensation, and a little redness round the fangmark. One hour later both the sensation and the redness were gone. I also noticed some very mild aches in the joints of my right hand, aswell as in my elbow, but that could also be the result from a flu I've been suffering from.

Now, 2 days later the site of the bite started to itch and turned red again when I accidentally scratched it.

It was my first bite, and luckily no big deal! :}



Old Timer
Aug 30, 2009
I just got tagged by a small, maybe half inch H.incei. It escaped from the communal when I dropped some prey in there. When I went to catch it, "without a cup" it must have tagged my thumb. I didn't notice until after I put it back in its enclosure.

I felt a VERY MILD burning sensation in my thumb. Barely noticeable but enough to make me look. I used an LED light to examine my thumb and seen 2 very very small red dots.

Basically it was harmless and I didn't even notice the initial bite.