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Hogna ID?

Discussion in 'Other Spiders & Arachnids' started by Taysha, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Taysha

    Taysha Arachnosquire





    Earlier this week my aunt caught me this unique little spider. Little is not the roght word really, she is about 3.25 to 3.5 inches diagonal. She is fiesty and sturdy. From her markings I'm thinking MF H aspersa but I truly don't know enough to identify her. What do you guys think?*I know the juv and Mm aspersa are darker but I though the mf were a different color. She doesn't have abdominal markings on the bottom like a helluo and she has the yellow stripe so corolenis doesn't match either. She was found in Louisiana.
  2. jecraque

    jecraque Arachnobaron

    She looks just like my aspersas, so your ID is probably correct. Wolf spiders can be hard to ID to species based on pics/coloration alone but Hognas are pretty straightforward in most regions. These are soon to be known as Tigrosa aspersa to fix some issues within the genus Hogna.
  3. loxoscelesfear

    loxoscelesfear Arachnoprince Old Timer

    aspersa, a common, large wolf that burrows in damp clay soil. Often seen wandering about. Nice looking spider, easy to keep.
  4. 3skulls

    3skulls Arachnobaron

    Awesome find.
    She might lay a sac for you. :)
  5. Taysha

    Taysha Arachnosquire

    Thanks guys :) Shes a beauty, and I hope so 3Skulls! Shes an impressive little lady. Ive been wanting to keep some of the big wolves for a long time now but she is my first find ever besides a rabid :)
  6. Scar

    Scar Arachnosquire

    Definitely looks gravid!
  7. 3skulls

    3skulls Arachnobaron

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