Hoffmannius spinigerus metasoma flexibility?


Apr 9, 2016
My wee feisty stripe-tails continue to fascinate and amuse. I'm sorry, but watching the big girl get all frustrated because she can't snag a cricket with her fat tail threaded all the way through the hole of a cholla branch is just too funny. The more she tries to rush forward, the further her tail gets threaded, the madder she gets, so she digs and wiggles and snorts and rushes forward again...It's hy-sterical. :rofl:

Which brings me to a physiological question. How much "swivel" or flexibility does this species have in its metasoma? Clearly, its natural position is dorsomedially flexed and directed forward. Can it also sting laterally or rearward, as for instance, I'm told T. stigmurus does? I'm curious. How possible or impossible would it be for my big girl to nail something beside or behind her, assuming she ever overcomes her nemesis, the cholla branch? I suppose I could volunteer to find out from personal observation, but my mama always said any idiot can learn from her own mistakes...it takes true intelligence to learn from other people's.