Hodogenus sp?


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Jan 2, 2003
Hi all,

I would like to start off by telling I don't have any scorpions yet. I'm still researching about which one would be the best to get at first.
Since I cannot get my hands on a lot of different species of scorpions, I still don't know wether I should take one. Here are the ones I can get:
* Hadogenus sp. aka flatrock scorpion. (I have seen those, they are grey wich creme/white markings, and have a long thin tail)
* Mesobuthus martensi aka yellow scorpion. (I heard everything with buthus in the name is something I should be affraid of)
* Opistothalmus glabrifrons aka yellow rock scorpion.

I cannot find any information about the Hadogenus sp. so I guess there must have been a rescent namechange, or they are very rare (which I highly doubt, because they are selling quite a lot of em).

Hope you guys can help me finding some info about the Hadogenus sp. or telling me one of the other scorps would be a great beginners scorp too.


[edit: Some searching on japanese sites told me it should be Hadogenes sp. instead of Hadogenus sp. ... How much difference one letter could possibly make)
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Jan 6, 2003
Hadogenes would be the only ones from that group I would recommend for a beginner. The only reason I wouldn't go with Opistophthalmus sp is because they are much more aggressive in nature than Hadogenes. Both are very easy to keep. Mesobuthus have quite a potent sting...not a recommendation.

Hadogenes can be kept on a dry peat substrate, sand, or pretty much anything you can choose honestly. It just must be kept at a low humidity. They must be provided with some flat stones or rocks which have a good place to hide within them or under them. I keep a pair of large stones side-by-side to enable a scorp to hide in the crack. Temp is best kept in the mid to low 80s avg, while it can drop to mid to upper 70s if a heat pad is provided, and humidity should be best kept around the 30-50% range and misted only about once a month. A water dish should always be provided.

If you need any other info, feel free to ask.