Hmmmmm for herbivore


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Sep 22, 2002
Some of you might remember that old thread I made about Potato, my L.Parahybana, not eating. Well, it's been three weeks more or less since she molted and she ate a second crick today.

If she only ate the crick :rolleyes:

You remember that old quite dead hottentot-plant that was in the pic in that old thread? Well, the crick went scurrying around in it when Potato sat right nearby. So she lunges, and grabs a dead hottentot-stem as well as a crick. So now she's doing the crick-dance with a crick and a long dead dry stem of hottentot dragging on the ground. I hope she's advanced enough not to swallow it :p

I have to get rid of that dang plant but it's part of her 'base' now, with web all over..oh well, we'll see what becomes of this.
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