craze horse

Feb 3, 2016
Well I gave my madagascarensis scolopendra to a friend as I wasn't happy with the amount I saw it (never), as a token kestrel he said do you want some hissing cockroaches? I said yes but wasn't sure why, and now I love them ! They have a tall exo terra viv with light foliage a tall piece of wood and some Cork to hide under. They've had babies etc ovever the months etc and I don't know where they've gone (see other thread!) Anyways, today I cleaned them out as I've had them for around 5 months, I have them on coconut fibre mixed with tarantula earth mixed. When cleaning them out today I noticed despite seemingly having loads of babies in the past now I only have 1 20mm specimen and 10 adults, seemingly 5 males and 5 females. I'm hoping they'll reproduce some more babies. So I gave my happy roaches and was wondering what I could put in with them that would cohabitation happily ? Probably 12inches × 12 inches floor space. Not masses but they all seem happy. They're currently getting through 2 baby corn every other day ! Also jellies and broccoli etc ! The small container was just while I was cleaning them out. 20161015_130149.jpg IMG_20161015_191951.jpg