Hisser hybrids? (pic heavy)


Dec 13, 2015
I started a hisser colony a few months ago. I had a few i had bought here and there, then added a small established breeding group to mine. In with the mix was an adult female that was dark - almost black - and very large. I had assumed they were all g portentosa. I asked a couple people at the time i had first bought the dark one (can't even remember where - pet store probably), and hadn't really gotten any good answers other than "they can vary in color".

Now, a few months down the road, i have many babies and a very noticeable diversity in the bin that i really don't want. I tried taking some decent phone pics of her with one of my normal females, as well as some pics of the babies. Any feedback as to whether these are hybrids or color variations, and what species they are if they aren't portentosa, would be much appreciated.

g portentosa f

dark f

offspring 1

offspring 2

1 and 2

#1 (bottom r) #2 (left) offspring #3 (top r)
Offspring 3 is darker like #2, but the same age as #1 for better comparison


Apr 18, 2015
Chances are they are hybrids, very few stocks are pure anymore, as far as I know Roachcrossing.com is the only place selling pure hissers anymore, and the people who got their stock from him. :)