Hiding having a T


Apr 30, 2007
I came across a thread telling how a college student kept a large # of T's with lots of live plants in the habitats to disguise the fact they had pets in the dorm. Was wondering how well would that work if you really only tried to hide 2 or 3, if they were like H. lividums or some known reclusive burrowers.
Would there be any sp. that would be more easily disguised in a tank? For my family's fears of spiders, I'm only keeping 2 of my collection, but thought maybe I could maintain 2 more hidden something like that. The enclosure itself can't be hidden, just want to disguise the type of life inside :} Smuggling crix in vials from bins in the shed is the plan...


Apr 23, 2007
Well in america it will probably be harder to keep a tarantula because you share your rooms with another person. When i go uni, i am keeping a few of my tarantulas in a cuboard that lets just enough light in, and it has a lock on it. Also we have to have single rooms, so i think it would be quite easy to keep a pet tarantula without knowone knowing. Ill just have to keep the cleaners out of my room and do that duty my self:wall:

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Dec 22, 2004
Citharischius crawshayi (King Baboon) must be one of the easiest to hide. Next comes H. lividum if you keep them in the open, but they may web up their entrances a lot... A. seemanni might also work but I think they tend to come out more as they get bigger, not sure, I don't keep one.


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Aug 4, 2005
get a h. gigas, they never come out. all i ever see are legs at the entrance of her whole.


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Feb 11, 2007
At work, you would seriously have to ask the humane resources or office manager, in a casual way.
Like some people keep a betta fish, or a gold fish. And see if there is a policy covering keeping a creature in a tank.
If you don't and do keep a T at work... if you go on vacation, or the Night cleaning crew goes to water it and a giant Tarantula is there.. you could be in big trouble.
Just be aware and don't hide a T at work, let your boss know.. AND if you can get a lid with a lock, that has a key.

As for your family, it depends on who comes in your room. If mom comes in to tidy up, you may have a problem.
I keep my T's in a walk in closet that is unused except for storage. Perhaps you can talk your family into allowing you to keep your t's in your closet OR in a large plexiglass enclosure (the tanks go inside it) with a lid and lock.
It will protect your T's from freaked out people wanting to flush them.. AND makes your family happy cause they won't get out of the plexiglass enclosure.
YOu can get a big fish tank, or make a custom enclosure to put them in.. some folks who have had big snakes often have plexiglass enclosures...
you could find a used one..
hope this helps