Hey its nice to be back!


Mar 14, 2010
well i just recently became injured so Jujitsu and wrestling are done for the rest of my season which stinks :/! but what can you do <edit> happens. anyway on to my question my H. lividium has been acting very... peculiar lately has a nice burrow that it never really left, but recently (the past week and a half) s/he has decided to come out of the burrow and web the floor space and has proceedingly staid there and s/he not showing signs of molting or anything out of the ordinary still eating drinking and being a vicious little T when i drop crix in the cage.

Substrate was changed 2 months ago but is frequently vacuumed for boluses and poo water is changed every other day, if any o that helps.

I just want your opinion on what might be up!