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Heterothele villosella

Discussion in 'Breeding Reports' started by bliss, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. bliss

    bliss Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Male matured Sept. 3. he's around 1.75"-2"

    Female molted around August 10. She is now 2.25", mature

    For those of you who have never seen This species, you should check out Rick west's site >>> www.birdspiders.com

    These are a fairly rare dwarf species in the US, and im not sure if someone has bred them before or not. i have no clue, but if you have bred these before and would like to give me some tips, please feel free to PM me.

    both specimens have been kept at 75*F - 78*F and each has recently eaten one prekilled superworm.

    No mating has occured yet, but will update as soon as the first pairing takes place. ;)

  2. bliss

    bliss Arachnoprince Old Timer


    they bred once, i saw about 3 insertions by the male. they sat in opposite ends of the deli cups, and first the male drummed.. then the female... then the male... then the female... so on and so forth. each time the male drummed, he got about .5" closer, until finally he found the female, breeding proved to be very good (as far as successful insertions go), but VERY brief... afterwards, female chased the male off.

    hopefully the next session will be as good as this one

  3. bliss

    bliss Arachnoprince Old Timer

    This morning:

    bred once more. i let the male into the female's cup (i keep them both in rather large deli cups). i allowed him to wander around her cup for about 30 mins. around 25 mins after introduction, male finally decided to pair up with the female, female acted very hostile towards the male, but he finally got her to calm down by tapping her with his legs (sets I and II). insertions were definitely made (and with great speed!) , i saw her abdomen bobbing around as the insertions were made, and there was at least 3 good insertions. afterwards, female chased male out, but he made it out :D i don't think i've ever seen a T move so fast to escape. lol

    will update in a bit

  4. Bred on April 10th thru April 17th kept communal two days on two days off

    Did not witness any inserts as they both would drum to the point of exhaustion.

    05/03/2011 - Looked in females cage to find her holding a egg sack about the size of a lima bean. will pull at 5 weeks.

    06/04/2011 - looked in females cage to find her EATING egg sack...then saw many (unknown number) of 1st instar slings running around inside moms nest. waiting til 2i to separate.

    06/17/2011 - Separated babies from mom as there was mold growing in her cage, ended up with 30 offspring. all molted to 2i between 06/22 and 06/28/2011

    Day time temps: 80-82 degrees F
    Night Time Temps: 76-78 degrees F
    Humidity: Ambient Humidity at 68-75% daily.

    photo of mom eating with the babies. they are sharing a cricket.
  5. Heterothele villosella 1

    AF molted November 2012
    I received two mature males from Selina Bailey-Brown on 4/12/2012
    I pared one of the males with this AF on 6/12/2012 there was lot of tapping from both spiders.The female seemed very receptive towards him.I paired them again a few nights later.
    Eggsack layed 9/1/13 and eaten a day later.
    I put the mm in again a few days later.
    2nd eggsack layed 1/2/13
    Pulled the eggsack on 23/2/13 mostly EWL and eggs
    These began molting to N2,s a few days later.
    On 6/3/13 they started molting to spiderlings
    Total 42
  6. Breeding was successful:
    Start date: Mating commenced March 16th, 2015. I put both enclosures in a larger enclosure. Oddly, female sought out male, and they commenced mating within 20 minutes. Left in over night.

    Sac Date: March 26th only ten days later mother dropped a large sac.

    Hatch Date: April 29th babies hatched.

    Initial count was 59, but two days later I have found another 4 that I didn't catch, there are possibly more.

    Temperatures: During the day, I keep temps for all my spiders at 80-84, and drop it to 70-76 at night.

    Humidity: I kept substrate moist at all times. Estimated humidity would be around 80%.

    Breeding notes: I didn't do anything in particular, no shade, just on the rack like the rest of my collection. I will note that I gave the Mother ample depth and decent height. The climbing height was 4", and sub depth 6". I didn't have to deal with mold I used coco fiber and vermiculite.

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  7. Second pairing

    Second mating -Villosella male was paired with female for a second time after the sac hatched.

    Pairing was on May 6.

    Pulled the 9th.

    Sac dropped on the morning of the 20th of May.

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