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Heterometrus Swammerdami


Jan 15, 2009
Got stuck about 6 months ago buy a 3rd instar on the first joint of the left index finger on the back of my finger. Felt nothing. didnt think it had penetrated.later on that night, the joint was some what hard to bend, my finger itched and tingled, it burned. this lasted the best part of a week. Gobsmacked! was shocked it had it in it. nothing like a bee sting. felt like when you cut the circulation of to something and get pins and needles with heat. on a scale of 1-10 for me being affected. 2-10. it was similar to having a bruise. i would advise againt geting stung by a large one, if this happened to your hole arm intensly, you would cry for days from stress. As it aches.