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Heterometrus spinifer

G. Carnell

Old Timer
Oct 27, 2003
size: 6-7cm long (6th instar)

i was stung while handling the scorpion, i was trying to remove a HUGE mite which was on its prosoma, and i obviously restrained the scorp to much, so he got me on the thumb, i felt the pain as the sting entered, then about a second later it injected the venom, jesus it hurts, about 10-15 times more than a wasp, pain lasted about 10 minutes, and my thumb swelled up to about x3 for 3-4 hours, red colour


Old Timer
Jun 20, 2004
overview of 1 sting

-only once by a 3.5" young one.
-i got stung because i grabbed it like i would an emperor scorpion :?
-initial pain had me dancing around crying it was least a 7.5- 8 on 1-10 bee being 5 scale. after an excrutiating 4 min it dulled down and my finger swelled up for about 6-8 hrs and a small bruise developed at the sting site which dissapeared 2-3 days later and itched.


Old Timer
Apr 9, 2004
yeah i seem to have bad luck with the babies, but so far a baby Tarantulas, baby Pede and now a baby scorp got me all in 1 month

while NEVER being stung or bitten by anything else til now, good track record eh? hehe

well i got 4 big fat emps on 8-20-05 from regals, so i decided the 6 small H Spinifer babies didnt need a 40 gallon breeder tank all to themselves after mommy passed away, so i decided to remove the babies and put the emps in there

so while taking the babies out, one just decided to stick me and well that was about it, small bump, no real swelling or tingling, pain we away after about 5 minutes haha very minor if you ask me


Old Timer
Jun 28, 2006
Heterometros spinifer

and to make matters worse, it was a cute little Heteromerus sp. in his/her 2nd instar... (im actually not sure if it was indeed a spinifer because in our area, nearly all heterometrus sp. are referred spinifers... more of a nickname than a taxonomic reference)

i actually got stung by that little fellow often but he usally hits me at the palm part where the stinger cant penetrate deep enough to inject venom that would inflict any real pain...

but this one time, the stinger managed to hit me right smack at the thin, sensitive skin at the proximal border of the finger nails... BULLSEYE!!

maximum stupidity...

well, to make a long story short, the sting can be compared to that of an ant-bite... (a big red one)

it lasted a few seconds and left no tangible evidence except the painful knowledge that i might be the only one in the whole world stupid enough to be stung by a 2nd instar Heterometrus sp. that warranted a post in the sting reports...

:wall: :wall: :wall:


Old Timer
Jan 6, 2007
several nights ago while seperating forest scorpions from emperors i was stung bye a spinifier once on the palm and once on the thumb,

on a scale of 1 -10 i would rate it as a 0 although i do not believe i was envenomated as the damage seemed purely mechanical and i only felt the slightest bit of pain at the moment of striking.

when i was stung i was very drunk ><

Dr. John

Nov 22, 2006
Well , I was stung by a subadult Heterometrus spinifer about six years ago . I live in southern Thailand . Upon entering my house , I took off my shoes, as is the custom here . When I went back out , about 20 min. later , I put my shoes back on . There was something hard in the front of my left shoe . Before I could even think further , I felt excruciating pain in one of my toes . Of course , I pulled off the shoe and found the scorpion . The pain intensified and lasted for a few hours . I needed a lot of beer that evening . The next day , the pain was gone but an itchy feeling remained for the next two days . After that , my toe became numb and still is , after about six years .