Heterometrus ID help


Old Timer
Jun 8, 2006
This scorpion was found in Sri Lanka. Species there are gravimanus, indus, and swammerdami. I'm using a key but my pictures aren't very suitable for identification purposes. This scorpion didn't look like it had any true carinae on the anterolateral side of the chela so I didn't think it was gravimanus (supposed to have 5-6 carinae). I see a row of granules but I hesitated to call it a true carina. They looked very obvious in the picture of the holotype but not so much here. But I couldn't tell very well if the 5th metasoma was longer than the pedipalp femur and the 4th was as long (swam) or if the 5th metasoma was as long as the femur and the 4th was shorter (indus). I keyed it to swammerdami but I'm second guessing myself as usual and this is not my group. If I am correctly remembering the size, I would also lean towards swammerdami. Second opinions? IMG_3159.JPG IMG_3163.JPG