Here jr47, pictures of our boa in his new cage! :)


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Feb 13, 2007
Here is the new cage. My son calls it the "bunk bed" because it is a split-level cage. Falcore, our rescued iguana, lives in the bottom section. Shesha, our rescued RTB (large male, adult wild caught) is now the resident of the top half. He is doing GREAT up there... he seems really happy :)

Shesha has really started to come around. He seems to consider me part of his comfort zone... He tolerates others okay if they do not attempt to 'pet' or pick him up (choosing to book it if they do) but will allow me to handle him if done cautiously and if I stop before he shows much stress or avoidance.

He is eating f/t just dandy!


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Aug 4, 2005
pretty snake, ive always loved boa's. i had a 9 foot female that was that way with me. tame as a kitten. with others she was a little grumpy. i found an article once that snakes tend to bond with one person more than others. it was written by a zoo keeper. he said they had a big retic that would only let one person on the staff in his cage without a fight.
i still regret parting with her but health problems made it really hard for me to handle her and care for her properly.


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Jan 17, 2006
how large is he, i love boas too. I currently have a female thats just about 5' maybe 4' 11".

Her mother was 9' and her father was very large for a BCI at around 7', so Im hoping my female grows to about the 8-9' mark, but still a while to go.

Gorgeous snake, and really nice enclosure, mines much more simple. Paper towels for the ground, a soaking water dish, a drinking water dish and a hide. :D