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Henery Doorly Zoo Omaha, Nebaraska

Discussion in 'Zoo Trips (Man Made Habitats)' started by Ariel, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. CAK

    CAK Arachnoknight


    You will like it Ben! Me and my fam have been there a handful of times! You might have to target it at the end of a month. Me and a bunch of other spider geeks meet and do spider things on the last sunday of every month. PM me for more info if you would ever be interested.

    Joe - CAK
  2. ribonzz

    ribonzz Arachnopeon

    They sure have a great butterflies !
    But i don't think that they have Orang Utan, just like from my country.. Indonesia !
  3. prankster705

    prankster705 Arachnopeon

    Just wanted to mention - not a moorish idol, is a similar butterfly fish
    The unknown pink fish = Rhinopias eschmeyeri

    Nice pictures and a lovely zoo :D.
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