help with Selenocosmia stirlingi


May 14, 2007
hi this is my first post and its more directed at the aussie members as this is an australian t i am after any advice on what type of set up should they have this is my first t im more into reptiles ( i breed them) but spiders fasinate my and scare the crap out of me at the same time i have been doing some reserch on them and they say that they are found in desert rainforest and many other enviroments and i want to know which would be best for them and another kwik question about Phlogius sp. are these best kept in more humid rainforest type setup and what does sp stand for i cant find the proper word written anywhere thanks in advance for any help
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Apr 11, 2007
From what i've read you've certainly entered the T world with a bang by selecting that species.

"Selenocosmia stirlingi Hogg (1901) is probably Australia`s most aggressive Theraphosid, striking at anything it perceives as a threat, which is usually anything that moves."

Here's a couple of links from my Googling, the above quote is from the first link:

It looks like they are rediculously hardy. I'd say just give it a LOT of peat or coconut fiber substrate, dry with a water dish and something to hide under. It will probably dig a deep burrow.

Is this a mature spider or a baby (sling)? For adults i'd say 6-8" of substrate. A sling obviously less. I'm no expert on Ozzy T's however, this is just from a few minutes of googling...