Help! Reasons to own T's...

P. Novak

Old Timer
Sep 12, 2005
I have to agree with the other posters. Just wait till you move out. I didn't exactly follow those lines though because while I was younger, my parents encouraged me to keep Ts. Then after a couple of years without owning a T I went and actually bought a T. I've been keeping Wildcaught Aphonopelma spp. since I was 5. I stopped around 12-13 and then got back into Ts at the age of 16. Through all that I was still under my parents roof, but that is because they respect my love for Ts and encourage me to do something dealing with animals for my career in life.


Old Timer
Dec 7, 2006
My mother has decided to cut me off. Thats right. No more tarantulas. I can keep the ones I have, but not get any more. I have five T's right now, but three of them are slings living in deli cups, one is in a mini KK, and one adult in a 10 gal tank. All of them are in my room, and I am fully responsible for their care. The only T I'm really desperate to have is a Cyriopagopus "Singapore blue", but she wont listen to reason!!!!! I need some valid arguments for the benefits of keeping T's. Ive tried every trick in the book, but she wont budge. Please, anything I can use to help sway her (even tips on proper temper tantrum techniques) is appreciated!!!!!
well, if you want my advice. i made a list of pros and cons about keeping reptiles and arachnids and asked my mom to read it. she wouldnt let me have any animals besides my dog. (shes afraid of spiders and snakes) eventually, after talking to her and explaining everything about the animals, like how they take up little space, they really dont need much cage maintenance , etc (it took a month or two.), she gave in and let me buy a tarantula.
i hope my advice helps.