help moving my A. avicularia


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Aug 13, 2002
Hi all,
Ok. I realize that these are considered mellow. Mine has made its usual hammock web, and is deeply cocooned inside. Its kept in an old pickle jar and, while it isn't at the very top, its going to present some prbs moving it.

This is still a sling, almost a juvie. About 1.75 inches. When the time DOES come for moving, what should I do? If I cut the web open, won't it freak out and do its U.S.S. Enterprise phaser thing?


Celestial Spider
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Feb 13, 2003
...If I cut the web open, won't it freak out and do its U.S.S. Enterprise phaser thing?.............=D

Thats a pretty good description of an A. Avic:)

Do you handle it at all? We handle ours sometimes, but it
is a real pain to get back in it's jar. It loves the freedom I guess.

Do you have someone that could help, just incase it does make a run for it ?

When you do change it over make sure you are on the floor.
That way the T will not get hurt.

I haven't tried this but, you could even do the move in your bathtub.
Just an idea, hope I helped, a little:)


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Jan 26, 2003
Funny you should mention the bathtub 'cause that's where I go to move all my Ts. Just in case......but so far......have never had a problem. I just recently gave my sub-adult A.avic a new home & did it in the tub in case s/he bolted.......was a piece of cake. I have a bit of a feel as to when to nudge/guide & when to back off & not to hurry at all & it seems to work fine. The new enclosure was taller than the other one so I used the Ts instinct to go up & s/he calmly walked up & then into the new enclosure. :D
S/he has already made a new & roomy & beautiful new webbing home for him/herself. :D