Help! Mites =(


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Apr 8, 2009
That link brings me to a page that says "Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms. "
Oh, I am so sorry, it came up with a long list for me, and I copy and pasted.

This is what you do. Go to search, advanced search,

Keyword mites

look in scorpion forum on right

On left side, no prefix

Search only thread titles, or you will get a million hits.

Searching like this will bring up a list of threads in scorpion forum, directly related to mites.

I could give you my own opinion, but it has been written many times in many threads. Other people have other opinions, and depending on you and your situation, one or another way might be best.

So I suggest the search, then read through some of the posts with more than 5 replys. Read through them, and you will have lots of different solutions to choose from.

The main thing right at this moment in time is to isolate the mite scorpion from the rest of your collection, possibly in another room or as far away as possible, they will travel. Wash your hands/wrists thoroughly, and bleach your tongs, and change your clothes after interacting with mite scorpion. It will be fine if you caught it early enough. Then read and look for longer term solutions.

Good luck!


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Jul 4, 2005
It could be a harmless mite. Even though they are very small, sometimes a pic helps if you have a camera that takes macro shots. Common mite probs in the hobby usually have to do with "grain" mites. They aren't parasitic but they stick to your inverts during a stage called the hypopis stage and it looks like they can weaken an invert if there are a bunch of them. imo, from my observations and speculation, predatory mites can't penetrate grain mites when they are in that hypopis stage since they form a shell-like dome and hold on kind of like a sea limpet. I had some hypopis stage mites stuck all next to each other on a piece of plastic. I could run my finger over them and got a good idea of how tough they are at this stage, it's amazing that such a little thing can stick so strongly to a piece of plastic, no wonder they seem irritating to an invert. Pred mites ended up in my terrs somehow, I didn't consciously put them there, I sent them off for ID. They work but grain mites appear to be able out-produce the pred mites very easily so keeping dead body parts out is most important along with pred mites imo. I'd do a search too like Nomad mentioned.